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Your mental health impacts every part of your life- from job performance and relationships to decision making and quality of life. Your mind is the only tool you have to experience and engage with the things you care about. 


I’m glad you’re considering getting help. Therapy can make a difference in your life, and can also be a significant investment of effort and financial resources.


Please check out my fees below, as well as tips and resources for making counseling with me affordable, including reduced-fee options.


First-time Phone Consult (20 minutes)                      Free

Initial Intake Session (60 minutes)                              $190

Individual Counseling Session (50 minutes)           $165

*all sessions are currently conducted through video conferencing


I am currently not accepting insurance. However, I am able to provide you with monthly statements you can submit to your insurance provider for partial reimbursement. Click here to learn more.


Making Therapy Affordable

Making Therapy Affordable

Working with a therapist outside your insurance network can mean more out of pocket costs. Below are tips and resources you can use to significantly reduce the expense of therapy.

Use Your Out of Network Benefits

If you have insurance, it's likely you have out of network benefits- a percentage your insurance company reimburses you for the cost of seeing an out of network therapist. The percentage varies depending on your plan, but can be anywhere from 20-80% of the session fee. Your therapist provides you a receipt you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Check out this article to learn more about out of network benefits, and check with your insurance plan to learn about your specific coverage.

Use a Flex Spending Account

Check to see if your employer offers a healthcare flex spending account (FSA). An FSA is an account into which you contribute an amount of your paycheck for health care expenses, tax free. You can use these tax-free funds to pay not just for mental health care, but also medical, dental, and other health expenses. This is a great way to pay for your remaining out of pocket costs, since you get to use more of your dollars that would have gone to taxes to pay for counseling (an extra 20-30% "discount" for most people). Click here to learn more.

Check your Employee Benefits

Some employers actually provide a stipend or reimbursement for all or part of mental health care expenses as an employee benefit. At the time of this writing, I am aware that NC employers SAS and Pendo provide this benefit. Check to see if your employer offers a wellness or mental health benefit.

Ask Me About Reduced Fees

I believe counseling should be accessible to everyone. Because I am not in-network with insurance, I dedicate a portion of my openings to clients who are uninsured or otherwise unable to pay my full fee. Reduced-fee openings are limited to availability. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this option when you fill out the contact form.

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