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Therapy for Stressed Out Professionals

Advancing  your career poses unique pressures and mental health challenges. 

Endeavor Counseling specializes in supporting the well-being of leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and other high achievers. In a collaborative environment, you’ll learn to navigate stressors, develop adaptive coping strategies, and foster a stronger sense of self-awareness. 


Learn firsthand how seeking help to balance your professional pursuits and personal well-being is not a sign of weakness, but a conscious investment in your continued growth.

Work Stress

The mounting pressure of demanding deadlines, long hours, and high expectations affects not only your professional life, but also leaves you feeling tired, irritable and unavailable in your personal relationships. You feel like you live to work rather than work to live, and the once-enjoyable aspects of life seem to fade further into the background. As time goes on, your motivation and enthusiasm begin to waver, and it feels as though work is nothing more than a series of demands you’d rather avoid. In therapy, we’ll work to identify the areas of your work life that take a constant toll on your wellbeing. You’ll explore factors that limit your ability to set healthy boundaries and care for yourself, as well as brainstorm ways that communication skills, self-talk, prioritization, and self-worth can be improved to create the healthy balance you want.

Burnout & People-Pleasing

While your coworkers may describe you as the ultimate team-player, your natural desire to please others is leading you down a path of overwork and self-neglect. Driven to meet everyone's expectations and fearing disappointing those around you, you find yourself constantly saying "yes" to more tasks, projects, and commitments than you can handle. The line between work and personal time blurs as you sacrifice your own well-being to fulfill your dedication to others. Despite the external nods of approval, you're finding it harder to ignore that your own needs seems perpetually stuck at the back of the line. Together, we’ll uncover how your tendency to people-please or overwork came into existence. You’ll better understand your well-intentioned motivations to put others first, and better appreciate why minimizing your own needs doesn’t serve you or others. You’ll develop an increased ability to catch when you’re engaged in people-pleasing, and explore strategies to stay grounded while communicating your own needs and setting realistic boundaries.

Career Indecision & Job Satisfaction

Whether you're grappling with the idea of switching jobs but held back by fear, or you've taken the leap and find yourself struggling to embrace your new role, the uncertainty of change can sow seeds of doubt, leading to anxiety about the unknown or concerns about starting anew. The weight of imposter syndrome might settle in as you question your abilities and competence, even when you possess the skills needed. This internal tug-of-war between aspiration and apprehension can manifest as low self-esteem, loss of motivation, and a constant stream of worried thoughts. Recognizing and addressing these mental health challenges through seeking support can pave the way for you to navigate change with greater resilience, regain your self-assurance, and ultimately find fulfillment in your professional journey.

Leadership Pressure & Anxiety

Whether you’re a manager, entrepreneur, healthcare professional, academic, or in another leadership role, juggling countless tasks, decision-making, and the expectations of others creates a constant battle to maintain equilibrium. The pressure to lead and perform can cause physical tension, heightened anxiety, and moments of self-doubt that echo through each pivotal decision you make. Over time, the cumulative stress can erode your resilience, affecting your focus, creativity, and overall satisfaction. Therapy serves as a place where leaders can process and receive support for the feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and emotional distress their responsibilities evoke. Therapy can serve as an anchor- a reserved time to take care of yourself- where you can explore the emotional factors complicating your performance, think through tough decisions, strengthen confidence, and safeguard your personal relationships from workplace stress.

Joe Burke, LCSW, anxiety therapist providing anxiety therapy in Raleigh North Carolina, sitting with a cup of coffee

Meet Joe Burke, LCSW

Hi. I’m Joe Burke- an anxiety therapist in Cary, NC specializing helping busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and other leaders enhance resilience, manage stress, and alleviate anxiety in high-pressure professions and demanding environments. 


As a licensed psychotherapist with a certificate from NC State in Business & Professional Coaching, I bring years of training and experience helping high achieving adults navigate anxiety, imposter syndrome, and workplace stressors. Learn more about my background and training here.


Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me to see how I can help you start taking your life back from workplace stress and anxiety.

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