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Specializing In Anxiety About Work, Self-imposed Pressure, and General Anxiety Issues.

We help professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, and others operating in

high-pressure environments feel confident and in control.

Develop Skills to Overcome Anxiety

We won't just talk about your anxiety. You'll work on skills between sessions to start taking back anxiety's control over your life. 

Learn To:

  • Recognize & manage anxiety triggers

  • Challenge negative thoughts that rob you of confidence

  • Practice anxiety coping skills to stay grounded

  • Address negative beliefs that fuel your anxiety

  • Make decisions based on strengths and values instead of fears

Couple of business people discussing tas
Joe Burke, LCSW, anxiety therapist providing anxiety therapy in Raleigh North Carolina, sitting with a cup of coffee

Meet Joe Burke, LCSW

Thanks for visiting. If you struggle with anxiety about being good enough, meeting expectations, or managing your responsibilities, I want to hear from you. 

I started my career treating high-functioning anxiety, imposter syndrome, and professional insecurities working with master’s degree students at the Institute for Advanced Analytics. My interest in treating anxiety was guided by these experiences, as well as earning a certificate from NC State in business and professional coaching.


Since starting my private therapy practice, much of my continuing education is focused on these issues as well as treatment of stress, burnout, and perfectionism.

I also know what it’s like to deal with anxiety. I worked in high-pressure public relations before becoming an anxiety therapist, and personally navigated many of the issues I treat. I want you to know that lots of successful people have these feelings, and it’s possible to overcome them with increased courage and control.


Finding an anxiety disorder specialist you “click with” is shown to be an essential element of successful treatment. That’s why I encourage you to schedule a free video call to see what talking to me is like and how I can help you. 

Issues We Specialize In 

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

If you struggle with GAD, you may wrestle with feelings of worry and anxiety about a range of life contexts, such as work, relationships, and health. Managing this anxiety can be challenging, and you might experience physical symptoms like restlessness, fatigue, and muscle tension.

Imposter Syndrome

Although not an official diagnosis, you might be familiar with so-called “imposter syndrome” if you habitually question your own abilities, worry about being revealed to others as incapable, not feeling good enough, or have a hard time internalizing praise and evidence of success.

High-Functioning Anxiety

Another informal term, symptoms of “high-functioning anxiety” or “high achiever syndrome” include outwardly demonstrating success and capability while internally grappling with self-doubt and feeling highly anxious. You may excel in various pursuits but deal with persistent worry and a frequent fear of failure.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

If you have social anxiety disorder, you grapple with anxiety and discomfort in social situations, sometimes leading you to avoid such activities. You may feel excessively self-conscious, worrying about being judged or embarrassed in public settings.

Anxiety Therapy In North Carolina

Endeavor Counseling offers online anxiety therapy in Raleigh, Durham, Cary,

Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and to all residents of NC

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