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Joe Burke, LCSW, anxiety therapist providing anxiety therapy in Raleigh North Carolina

My goal is for you to feel worthy of your ambitions- and confident overcoming life's challenges.

When this happens, your true talents and resiliency can begin making a difference in the things you care about most.

It's great to meet you

I know it's possible to navigate anxiety and self-doubt because I've done it myself. I had my first encounter with anxiety after college, working in high-pressure public relations for Fortune 500 companies.  When it was time for me to change careers, I knew I wanted to help others overcome anxiety and uncertainty just as my counselor helped me.

I graduated from Smith College, one of the first social work schools in the country to specialize in mental health treatment. Since then, the majority of my career has been spent working with young adults, including as a post-master's fellow at NCSU's counseling center. My most recent role is working as a counselor and professional development coach at the Institute for Advanced Analytics, where I work exclusively with master's degree students providing counseling for anxiety, imposter syndrome, stress, and life transitions. I provide workshops on imposter syndrome and lead classes teaching mindfulness skills to help students combat stress and anxiety. I am also an ICF certified professional development coach, and work with students to define and achieve goals that enhance their personal and professional development as young professionals.


I understand from personal experience how marriage, parenthood, career, and other big transitions in life can shake up your world and your confidence. I've been there, and I want you to know lots of capable people have these feelings. I love working with folks in the early to middle stages of adulthood, when the process of deciding who you want to be and how to navigate new roles can easily feel overwhelming and intimidating. I consider it a genuine privilege to work with others to achieve greater clarity and confidence as they navigate these questions, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

My Style

I believe in being genuine in a counseling session. If I expect you to be real with me, then I think you deserve the same. That means I'll often tell you what I’m thinking, why I’m asking a certain question, and will respectfully challenge your thinking when appropriate.

I'm direct, but not pushy. You're the expert on you- my training as a counselor and professional development coach simply helps you see things from new perspectives so you're in an ideal position to solve your own problems.


Counseling doesn’t always have to be serious either. My clients frequently say they enjoy my ability to balance a casual style of discussion with the gravity of the concerns they are facing.

Joe Burke, LCSW, an imposter syndrome therapist at Endeavor Counseling in Cary, North Carolina

On a Personal Note...

When I'm not counseling, I'm usually busy being a dad to my daughters, aged two and four years old (I spend a lot of time at Marbles Kid's Museum). I'm a serial hobbiest, and previous hobbies include oil painting ala Bob Ross, curling (the sweeping-rocks-on-ice sport), adventure travel, and home automation. I grew up in Iowa, spent my 20s in Boston, and now live in Cary with my wife and family. 

Professional Qualifications

Masters of Social Work with a Mental Health Concentration - Smith College
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NC license # C012638)
Post-Master's Fellow - North Carolina State University Counseling Center
Certificate in Business and Professional Coaching - North Carolina State University
Certified ICF Professional Development Coach
Certified Koru Mindfulness Instructor (in-process)

Member, North Carolina Society for Clinical Social Work

Counseling Approaches 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Humanistic Therapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Mindfulness 

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